What Do I Want Again?

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What Do I Want Again?: Getting What You Actually Want Instead Of What Your Emotions Want You To Have - Matt Prager

[/column] [column width=”61%”]Is your life a bit like that movie cliché where the lead character wants love but winds up with ice cream? If so, time to get real with your desires, and WHAT DO I WANT AGAIN? will show you how.  Excerpt:

Strong emotions are reactive.  They often feel active because there’s physical intensity attached to them – muscles tightening, tears, etc.  They don’t feel like a defense; quite the contrary – anger, for example, can feel quite offensive.  It isn’t.  They aren’t.  Strong emotions are the equivalent of feeling like someone’s coming at you with a sword so you beat them with your shield.

Strong emotions come as the result of our passivity on our own behalf, a passivity that we often blame on others.  One of the reasons we are passive in relationships is that we often don’t know what we want from the other person.  When you let the other person tell you who you are in a relationship, you give them all your power which, naturally, makes you angry; you think you’re angry at them for what they’ve done or said but you’re really angry at yourself for not reaching for what you want…


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