I’m The Winner!

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I'm The Winner!: Value, Worth, and Finding Your Inner Success - Matt Prager
[/column] [column width=”61%”]Do you sometimes find that your self-esteem is circling the drain? If so, time to get on grip on value and worth, and I’M THE WINNER! will show you how.  Excerpt:

Blanket Statement #1:

If you define success through external characteristics, you will never have self-esteem.

The above blanket statement is why lots of money or landing that big deal or bragging about how much young tail you get will never give you self-esteem.  If you find yourself turning to those outside definitions of success, definitions you can explain to everyone around you, it’s likely because you’re hoping an external consensus that you’re successful will somehow fill you up and make you feel whole (even though you probably intellectually know that it won’t)…


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