The Lawn Is Always Greener

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The Lawn Is Always Greener: How to Be Complete With What You Have Right Now - Matt Prager

[/column] [column width=”61%”]Does everyone but you seem to have it all and somehow you just can’t seem to get what you want? If so, time to learn how feel complete as you are right now, and THE LAWN IS ALWAYS GREENER will show you how.  Excerpt:

Do you sometimes feel as if your life is basically misery punctuated by moments of happiness because you seem to be missing… something?  And then you find yourself chasing work/love/beauty/etc. to recapture that fleeting happiness?  And somehow you never quite have “the thing”; it’s always the next thing, the one just out of reach.  You feel incomplete.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who moves a lot in the hopes that when you arrive in the new place you’ll magically be a new person as well.  Or you keep switching jobs.  Or work out obsessively.  Or maybe you SAY you want something but have all kinds of rules and restrictions surrounding it – “I want a relationship but I won’t do internet dating.” “I want a completely different kind of job but there’s no way I’m willing to take anything entry-level in my new field.”

You sit there and wish for things to change but they don’t.  Or you change them slightly but somehow that new thing turns out to be exactly the same as the old thing…


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