The Play’s The (Destructive) Thing

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The Play's The (Destructive) Thing: How To Get That Drama Offstage And Out Of Your Life - Matt Prager

[/column] [column width=”61%”]Do you always somehow either wind up creating or getting swept up in a bunch of big relationship dramas? If so, time to live your life offstage, and THE PLAY’S THE (DESTRUCTIVE) THING will show you how.  Excerpt:

Drama.  Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a big juicy drama, regardless of whether you’re the lead player or a bit one.  Drama can feel like living.  There’s so much emotionality, so much STUFF happening that you must be alive, you must be feeling, this all must be real, right?  Drama can make you feel like you’re IN – part of – something.  Well, the something you’re in is your own muck and you’re face down, squirming in it and calling that motion “living.”  Drama, in other words, is a means of not living because drama is about being in a play and performing for an audience.  Life is offstage.  It’s time to close the show.  Here’s how…


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