I’m Worth It?

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I'm Worth It?: A Formula to Parse Out Value, Worth and Feelings for the Non-Math-Whiz - Matt Prager

[/column] [column width=”61%”]Have a hard time figuring out whether what you’re putting into something is worth what you’re getting out? Sometimes wonder if you’re being ripped off? If so, it’s time to do some life math, and I’M WORTH IT? will show you how.  Excerpt:

Determining future payoff for a personal investment can be very complicated.  Every transaction is an investment in your future, so how much of your present are you willing to sacrifice for that future?  Whether you’re talking money, time, or emotions, it’s all math.  How often in your life do you feel underpaid for what you’re doing?  Do you find yourself sticking around in relationships or jobs way longer than you should because you’ve invested so much and you can’t bear the thought of it not paying off?  Is there a way to make a best guess at the beginning of whether or not it will all be worth it – and keep checking the value along the way?

The answer is yes…


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