Hey There, Rock Bottom

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Hey There, Rock Bottom: How To Pull Yourself Out Of Your Hole And Get Your Life Back - Matt Prager

[/column] [column width=”61%”]Having a hard time letting go of an ex? An old fight with a sibling or parent still getting you down – even though you tell yourself you’re over it? If so, time to dismantle that shrine to your pain, and HEY THERE, ROCK BOTTOM will show you how.  Excerpt:

Have you ever been in a demeaning situation, where you so desperately need someone else to validate you and tell you you’re meaningful that you’ll basically debase yourself to hear it?  “Get over it,” your friends say.  The problem is that, the moment you untangle the web and realize you’re culpable for the relationship and have a choice of how to behave, well, then that’s really scary; as long as it’s someone else’s fault, you don’t actually have to DO anything.  You can’t right?  If it’s them, not you, there’s nothing you can do after all other than scrabble around down there at rock bottom for a while.

Well, there is a way out…


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